Air Barrier Testing – Inspections – ABAA – ASTM D 4541

Air barrier systems are still a relatively new facet of building enclosures. As their name suggests, air barriers are designed to limit uncontrolled air leakage and provide a continuous airtight seal across all sides of the building envelope (roof, slabs & walls). Quality detailing at interfaces are crucial to successful implementation of continuous, durable air barrier. Today, there are a variety of different air barrier materials available, each requiring material-specific field quality control services. In our experience, spray-polyurethane foam, board stock panels, fluid-applied material, self-adhered membranes, along with critical accessory items are the most common types of air barrier systems specified for large buildings.

TMI® inspects and tests air barrier systems to provide reports and corrective recommendations to our clients. Air barrier material adhesion/cohesion testing (ASTM D 4541) is one of the most common building envelope quality control services. Adhesion testing measures the bond strength of an air barrier material to the substrate, and the cohesive strength of the material to itself. Adhesion test results can sometimes be difficult to interpret. Different substrate types, materials, and installation conditions can all affect adhesion test results. Our qualified professionals have the experience to account for these variations.

TMI® performs independent, third-party air barrier testing and inspections. Regular third-party inspections provide valuable quality assurance during the construction phase of the project. TMI® also has a team of licensed Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) Field Auditors located in PA, NJ, MD, VA, KY and WA. As part of ABAA’s Quality Assurance Program, our ABAA licensed field auditors conduct third-party quality control audits and testing services on all types of air barrier systems.

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Test Standard and Description

ASTM D 4541
Pull-Off Strength of Coatings Using Portable Adhesion Testers